Jayne's Wedding And Specialty Cakes. -  Creative Cakes For All Occasions.

I carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. My most popular products are shown below. Please call or email for more information.

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                 3 Tier Heart Cake                                           Sugar Flowers




Lace Wedding Cake.

                                                   Floral Wedding Cake.

                                                     Ribbon Wedding Cake.

                                          4 Tier Square Wedding Cake.

                                         3 Tier With Roses and Daisies.

                                   4 Tier Snowflakes With Rhinestones.

4 Tier Black and white.

                                          2 Tier With Black Calla Lilly's.

                                           Three Tier Wedding Cake.

                                            Chocolate And White Roses.


                                                 4 Tier With Red Roses.

3 Tier Square.

                                               3 Tier With Large Daisies.

                                      Wedding Cake With Separator.



                                                5 Tier Wedding Cake.

2 Tier Ruffle Cake.

                                              3 Tier With Fresh Flowers.

                                                      Daisy's And Roses.

                                    Square with Trumpet Separator.


                                              Round With Cupcakes.

                                                     Chocolate Roses.

                                                      Peacock Feathers.

                                                      Egg Plant Square.

                                                    4 Tier Ivory And Orchid

                                       Wedding Cake With Separator.

                                            Black And White Roses.

                                       2 Tier Square With Calla Lilly's.

                           Three Tier With Red Ribbon And Calla Lilly.

                                                Black Vine With Feather.

                                                Vine Wedding Cake.

                                               New Years Eve Wedding.

                                           3 Tier Ribbon And Calla Lilly

                                                          Magnolia Cake.

                                                          Gold Bow Cake.

                                       Heart And Flower Topper Cake.

Ribbon And Calla Wedding Cake.

                                                     Christmas Wedding.

                                                     Cupcake Variations.

                                                        Peony & Orchids.

                                                    Tropical Flowers.

                                           Square Calla With Flood work

                                                  Black and White Roses

                                                         Cake Jewelry

                                                       Moth Orchids

                                                           Bow Cake                                         

                                                    Calla Lilly's on Square

                                                  Topsy Turvy Cake

                                                  Diamonds and Circles

                                               Black and White Square

                                               Cake Topper Variation

                                        50th Wedding Anniversary Cake


                      Ribbon Cake                                       Gum paste Flowers

                                                      Vanda Orchids

                                          Wood Style Fall Wedding Cake.

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