Jayne's Wedding And Specialty Cakes. -  Creative Cakes For All Occasions.

I carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. My most popular products are shown below. Please call or e-mail for more information.

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Specialty Cakes Start From $45.00

                                                             Baby Shower.

                                            Birthday Cake.

                                                                  Paw Patrol.

Jungle Theme Cake.

                                                      Christening Cake.

                                                      Baby Shower.

Second Birthday Cake.

Mermaid Birthday Cake.

                                                  Rocker Birthday Cake.

Girls First Birthday Cake.

                                                      Diago Birthday Cake.

                                               Birthday Cupcakes.

Girls Birthday.

                                                       Bubble Guppies.

2 Tier Bubble Guppies Cake.

                                                    Girls Birthday Cake.

                                                    Baby Shower Cakes.

                                                    Girls Birthday Cake.

Baby Shower Cake.

Giant Cupcake.

Giant Cupcakes.

Baseball Cake.

Christening Cake.

Wedding Shower Cake.

Girls Birthday.

Boys Birthday Cake.

Giraffe Cake.

                                                      Princess Cake.

Farm Cake.

                                                  Children's Cupcakes.



                                                Purse And Edible Shoe.

Baby Shower Cake.

Baby Shower Cupcakes.

Baby Reveal Cake.

                                                      Baby Shower Cake.

                             Edible Gum Paste Shoe And Pillow Cake.

                                          Barnyard Boys Birthday Cake.


                                                         Girls Birthday.

                                                                Star Wars.

                                                      Toopy & Binoo.


                                                Strawberry Shortcake.

                                                       Boys Birthday.

                  Fun Cupcakes.                                                  Mini Purse's

                                                       Hello Kitty Cake.

                                                                Ben Ten.


                                                        Team UmiZoomi.

                                                         Cat In The Hat.

                                                Musical Birthday Cake.


                                 Edible Baby Shower Or Birthday Toppers.

                                     Baby Shower Cake With Cupcakes.

                                      Sugar Edible Shoe Birthday Cake.


                                                       Anyone For Tea.


                                                   Bridal Shower Cake.

                                      Record Player Birthday Cake.

                                                          Christmas Cake.

                                                    Hippo Cupcakes.

                                              Bumblebee Cupcakes.

                                                         Anyone For Golf?

                                                           Betty Boop.

                    60th Wedding Anniversary Cake.

                                                             Barbie Car.

                Princess Cake.

                                                               Boys Birthday.

                                                            Baby Shower.

                                                            Slot Machine.

                          Tractor                                                                   Train


                                                        Lightning McQueen

Oil Rig

Cartoon Car And Trailer Cake


                                                          Toopy & Binoo


                                                        Burger & Fries

                                                    Birthday Surprise

                                                      Music Theme Cake.

                                                    Relaxing In The Sun.

                                                           Smash Cakes.

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